Black Angus Cattle

Our naturally raised beef is simply amazing! We carry a variety of steaks as well as almost every cut of beef you can imagine! 

Pasture-raised Pigs

Great tasting pork! Our pork chops are super thick, because they are super tasty! We offer several types of sausages, bacon, shoulder roast, pork chops, tender loin, and MORE!

Seasonal Produce

We raise a large variety of seasonal produce including squash, watermelon, sweet corn, tomatoes , and much more.

Cornish Rock Chicken

Our 100% naturally raised chicken is delicious! We sell a variety of cuts and whole chicken as well as a few specialty items! 

Our Products

Heritage Bronze Gold Turkeys
*Thanksgiving Only*

Our 100% free range turkeys are simply amazing! We offer them once a year currently for Thanksgiving and have a pre-order list! 

Free range brown eggs

Our wonderful 100% free range hens lay the best eggs around! Make sure to get to the farm early to grab yours! 

HFF T-shirts! 

We now have HFF T-shirts in stock! Come by and get yours for $18 and rep your favorite local small business! 


We are in the process of growing our lamb herd to have lamb year round, but we currently offer it from around September through the first of the year!